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About Me

I love what I do

Documenting my life and cool captures through a lense. All photos and videos on here are captured by me. Photography has been a place where I am able to BREATH, relax and enjoy the moment. Over the past 2 years photography has been a major part of my life. It is a time when I get to be creative, capture a cool moment and forget about everything else going on in the world or my life.

My medium? Whatever I find cool to capture! I don't want to limit the moments I capture through my lense but I love adventure and using my Drone as my main lense. My art ranges from landscape shots, portraits, Aerial shots to Architectural shots. I don't want to be limited to one specific medium. I have created this platform to share my captures with others and a way to express my thoughts through images and clips. Enjoy my captures and occasional blog posts... if you want no pressure.

"I love doing this stuff! Being able to capture and create content that is fun and creative allows me to enjoy the moment."
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